Stitch Was Here

Stitch's destructive tendencies are rather well documented - after all, that WAS why he was created - to be the greatest destructive force in the galaxy! (And not the one that was a long time ago and far, far, away...)

During our Disney trip we noticed a number of things that just screamed "Stitch Was Here"! :-)

Stitch was not happy that *his* movie wasn't on the Disney timeline...

...So he took it out on this railing.

Stitch Was Here...and was fascinated by this big red button in made things crash.

Stitch Was Here...shooting his icon cannon at those "Z's". Did you know that "Alien Annihilation" was a possible score? :-)

Stitch Was Here...trying to fit in with the other canines.

This statue *used* to have a head...but Stitch Was Here.

And this one had a forehead...but Stitch Was Here.

Until Stitch Was Here these cans were nicely stacked.

Stitch Was Here.

And this used to be a photograph...but Stitch Was Here. :-)

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