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Hello, I'm Tigger! That's T-I-Double Guh-ER!

I travel all over the U.S. with my good friends Laura and Lee...and since people seem to be interested in my adventures, I now have my very own domain name - though I have to share space with Laura and Lee's trip reports, too. It's *my* name in the URL, though! :-)

I've been around since 1988, when Lee gave me to Laura on their very first trip to Walt Disney World. I didn't do any travelling until 1997, though, when Laura and Lee started going on trips in honor of their 10th wedding anniversary, and took me with them. This is where I get to tell *my* version of our trips - and I think I actually have the most fun.

If you have any comments or suggestions about my web site, please sign my guestbook at the bottom of this page. Or if you'd like to know when I update my page, please send an email to tigger at lgil dot net.

And if you actually came here to see Laura and Lee's trip reports, you'll find them here:

Laura and Lee's Vacation Page

Here's a list of my travel reports - the most recent appear first.

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