Tigger and Stitch's Disney Invasion

Aloha and woo hoo hoo hoo! Tigger and Stitch...sounds like a match made in...well...somewhere. :-) On this Disney trip Lee brought Stitch along...so you might say the trip was more like an alien invasion. Tigger and Stitch had a wonderful time, but Disney will never be the same. :-) But there's more about that on the Stitch Was Here page.

Tigger and Stitch travelled via backpack - fortunately they didn't set off any security alarms in the airport, and the TSA people *don't* ask if you are travelling with any dangerous alien genetic experiments...

Sometimes making noise is just as much fun as making a mess!

Speaking of noise...who knew that Legos could make so much noise? Stitch liked the Aloha shirt, but so far he hasn't started wearing dark socks and sandals...

Tigger shows Stitch that WDW has Mickey-head stools rather than toadstools.

Tigger and Stitch - just a couple of swingers!

Tigger and Stitch take a carriage ride on the Boardwalk...though they didn't pass Go and collect $200...

Tigger thinks the new Studios icon should be a Big Ass Tigger wearing a Big Ass Hat. :-)

Now THIS cat actually looks big enough to wear that BAH!

Tigger and Stitch...the totems of madness and mayhem.

Pretty low-tech compared to Stitch's spaceship, but Tigger and Stitch and Lee are driving in style to Chester and Hester's Dinorama. Stitch wanted to equip the car with ray guns.

Well, they *say* two heads are better than one...

Tigger convinces Stitch that Tigger should steer and Stitch should pedal.

Stitch gives evil grin lessons - something that genetically engineered beings excel at. He's pretty good at stealing left shoes, too. :-)

Ah ha...NOW we know what really inspired Edvard Munch to paint "The Scream"...it was Tigger and Stitch!

Tigger and Stitch on a (fortunately) closed driving course. Do Not Try This At Home.

Tigger and Stitch - the chosen. :-)

Epcot seems to have spring a huge leak...and guess who just happens to be in the vicinity - admiring their handiwork, perhaps?

Tigger and Stitch ignore the "No Climbing" sign.

Stitch and his guardian learn what happens to those who disobey the "No Climbing" sign...

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