Tigger's Zany Zooventure

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

More animals for Tigger to visit! Though Tigger would like to get a little more "up close and personal", he understands that isn't necessarily a good idea - some of these animals might find him quite delicious.

Tigger thinks Giant Pandas are cute, but that their plain black and white coloration is pretty boring...he thinks orange and black would be a lot better.

Whatever Tigger was whispering in his ear, the gorilla doesn't seem to like it very much...

Tigger and hippo

Tigger just hanging out at Hippo Beach with one of the cool Hippo surf dudes...darn, where did he leave his sunglasses???

Tigger and polar bear

Seals balance balls on their nose...Polar bears balance Tiggers!

tigger in his lair

Tigger checks out a polar bear's den...fortunately it was unoccupied.

Tigger and sunbear

A bouncing sunbear gathers no moss...no, that's not it...A mossy sunbear gathers no Tiggers?

tigger river

Tigger was extremely disappointed that this very nice "Tigger River" sign was mis-spelled...

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