Yosemite '05 Photos - Monday


Walt and Barb had to go home, but the rest of us tried our hand at finding a virtual geocache that had been set up by some family friends. Here's the info: Yosemite Virtual Cache

If you know the Valley well enough then you don't actually need a GPS to find all the places you're supposed to go. :-)

We all had bikes so we were able to travel from location to location on our bikes rather than walking or relying on shuttle service, and that was fun.
Our starting point, near the lower Yosemite Falls viewing area. Which is also the former site of a Miwok village.

The water got really, really high in the valley on 1/2/97!!!

The Swinging Bridge...which doesn't actually swing. Though probably it did originally, before one of those pesky floods destroyed it and they had to rebuild it.

Nice reflection of Yosemite Falls near the bridge!

And a nice view of the falls from the meadow, also.

This flood marker is the tallest one that I've seen...I can't even imagine the amount of water necessary to flood the valley that deep!

Sia suggested an interesting variation on taking the group photo here.

Oh look...yet *another* view of Yosemite Falls! :-)

The final waypoint - which was very close to where we had started.

Staircase Falls, taken while eating lunch on the deck at the Curry Village Taqueria. :-) Another of the only-in-spring waterfalls, it falls 1300 feet from Glacier Point down the cliffs near Curry Village - the stream actually runs through the cabin area.

Taken on an afternoon bike ride at Sentinel Bridge.

Half Dome at sunset.

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