Yosemite '05 Photos - Tuesday


After breakfast at the Ahwahnee we drove to El Capitan meadow and did the 6.5 mile West Valley loop. Lee and I did this last year, but the others hadn't done it. There some nice flowers, and excellent views of El Capitan (and the climbers on the face!), Ribbon Fall, and Bridalveil Fall. It also passes by Fern Spring and goes along the Merced River in places. It's quite scenic but also quite easy.
Ribbon Falls, 1612' tall - another spring waterfall, though this one lasts a little longer than some of the others. It's the highest free-falling waterfall in North America.

Another view of Ribbon Falls

El Capitan

Fern Spring - while we were taking photos a pair of newlyweds (still in wedding dress and tux!) arrived, and Dad took some photos for them.

Bridalveil Falls, which is 620 feet tall. There wasn't much wind, so it wasn't "veiling" very much that day.

There were some California Sister butterflies on the shoulder of the road that were posing nicely.

That evening we went out to the road in front of Curry Village to catch the evening light on Half Dome.

Half Dome at sunset

Another look at Half Dome at sunset.

Gary illustrates the geologic process of creating a dome.

...And also a Half Dome. :-)

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