Yosemite '05 Photos - Sunday


We all made our way to Glacier Point (four of us by car, four of us by one-way bus) and hiked the 8.5 mile Panorama Trail that goes from Glacier Point to Happy Isles (down in the Valley). It's very appropriately named - there are wonderful views of Vernal and Nevada Falls, Illilouette Falls, Half Dome, and even Yosemite Falls along the way.

Yosemite Falls from Glacier Point.

Vernal and Nevada Falls, taken about 1/2 mile down the trail - for the first mile or so the views kept getting better!

Some of our group coming down the trail - Dad, Gary, Sia, and Mom.

This is about the best view you get of Illilouette Falls, 370 feet tall.

Nevada Falls as the water leaps over the edge and plunges 594 feet down.

Walt and Barb on the bridge across the Merced River just above Nevada Falls.

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy..."

One of my favorite photos every year is this one of the red columbine with Nevada Falls in the background. The columbine is there *every* year!!!

Us and Nevada Falls - I believe this was taken near the top of the Mist Trail cutover Trail - if you don't want to take the upper Mist Trail from Nevada Falls down (and in my opinion the best views of Nevada Falls are from the John Muir Trail and not the Upper Mist) then you can come down the John Muir Trail and take the Mist Trail cutover. It joins up with the Mist Trail just before it crosses the Merced River about 1/2 mile above Vernal Fall, and from there you can take the Mist Trail down past Vernal Falls. It's about .4 miles shorter than taking the John Muir Trail all the way back to Happy Isles.

The other advantage of the cutover is this terrific view of Vernal Falls!

Looking down from the top of Vernal Falls - 317 feet high.

Vernal Falls from the viewing area ~.2 miles above the Vernal Falls bridge.

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