Yosemite '05 Photos - Saturday


With Walt and Barb we visited the recently re-opened Lower Yosemite Falls area (the waterfall is new and improved! ;-) ), and then walked up part of the Upper Yosemite Falls trail to where we had a good view up the upper fall and some of the cascades.

Tamarack Falls/Cascade Creek from the south side of the valley, just before the Wawona Tunnel.

Upper Yosemite Falls, which is 1430' tall - lots of veiling in the wind.

Lower Yosemite Falls, 320' tall.

Lower and upper Yosemite Falls - lots of water this year!

Sentinel Falls and Sentinel Rock - the falls dry up quickly and it's unusual to see them.

Half Dome from Columbia Point - 1 mile and 800' up the Yosemite Falls trail.

Another half mile up the trail, it turns the corner and there's a terrific view of Upper Yosemite Falls.

...And a nice view of Half Dome, also.

Us and Yosemite Falls

North Dome

Royal Arch Cascade - another not-normally-seen waterfall, with North Dome barely visible at the top.

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