Yosemite Wildflowers

We again saw lots of wildflowers on our trip to Yosemite this year. And I had a new digital camera which has macro mode...so I could get some ultra close-ups. :-)

I don't necessarily believe that this is the best way to showcase the pictures, but it's what I've come up with so far. They are in mostly alphabetical order...I hope you will enjoy them.

Oh, by the way, a lot of these flowers are much smaller in real life!

So here's my disclaimer:
"Objects on screen may be smaller than they appear". :-)

alpine lily alumroot Wild azalea
Alpine lily Alumroot Wild azalea

bleeding heart blue dicks blue flowers
Bleeding Heart Blue dicks Unknown blue flowers

Blue-eyed Mary buckwheat bush cinquefoil
Blue-eyed Mary Buckwheat Bush cinquefoil

candystick wild carnation chickweed
Candystick Wild carnation Chickweed

chickweed cinquefoil cinquefoil
More chickweed Cinquefoil More cinquefoil

cinquefoil dudley's clarkia columbine
Still more cinquefoil Dudley's Clarkia
(named after William Clark,
as in Lewis & Clark)

dandelion deerbrush draperia
Dandelion Deer brush and butterfly Draperia

fiddleneck Golden brodiaea groundsel
Fiddleneck Golden brodiaea Groundsel

harlequin lupine harlequin lupine hyacinth brodiaea
Harlequin lupine More Harlequin lupine Hyacinth brodiaea - popular with butterflies!

Indian Pink Wild iris lady's slipper orchid
Indian pink Wild iris Lady's slipper orchid
(unfortunately already past its prime this year)

lewisia lotus lwf
Lewisia - named after the other
member of the Lewis & Clark expedition
Lotus Little white flower
(shown larger than actual size)

Yosemite '05 photos
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