Yosemite '04 Photos - Thursday-Saturday


Mt. Watkins reflected in (what's left of) Mirror Lake. It's gradually filling in and turning into a meadow. The changes are significant even in my lifetime...ouch.

California Sister butterflies sunning themselves on the trail around Mirror Lake.

Closeup of a California Sister butterfly. They were opening and closing their wings as they sat on the trail, so trying to time the camera shutter with when their wings were open was an interesting exercise...I know I ended up with a number of pictures where the wings were closed...thank goodness for digital cameras where you can just throw pictures away! :-)

Butterfly on a showy milkweed flower.

Butterfly on a thimbleberry blossom.

False Solomon's Seal - as opposed to *real* Solomon's Seal, I suppose...


Upper Yosemite Fall


While out for a walk at 6:20 in the morning, this bear crossed the path about 60 feet in front of me - heading *from* the campground back up into the hills. Guess he'd had his breakfast already. :-)

We did the 6.5 mile loop hike in West Yosemite Valley, and got some wonderful views of El Capitan.

El Capitan

Lee does his best "Vanna White" impression in front of a gauging station along the Merced River.

Saw lots of wildflowers on the West Valley hike - here's a Mariposa Lily, one of my favorites.

Deer Brush

A vewwy scawwy grey squirrel.


All the Saturday photos are from our walk around the Wawona meadow, and they are all of wildflowers, so really belong on the wildflowers page, but here's a few of the best ones.

A Lady's Slipper orchid - I had never seen one of these before!

Wild iris - also known as "Western Blue Flag"

Mountain Misery - really a beautiful low-growing shrub, but it does grow quite thickly and it is miserable to have to wade through it!

Tincture Plant

Violets - Calling a yellow flower a "violet" seems like an oxymoron to me, but maybe that's a botanist's idea of a joke.

A wild rose

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