Yosemite '04 Photos - Sunday - Monday


From the trail up to Old Inspiration Point

View of Yosemite Valley from about 3/4 mile up the Old Inspiration Point trail...which is a MUCH better view than either Tunnel View or Old Inspiration Point.

Meadow rue along the Inspiration Point Trail

Blue penstemon


Hetch Hetchy reservoir - I liked the contrast between the natural waterfalls and the manmade ones.

Rainbow below the Hetch Hetchy dam.

My first trip to Hetch Hetchy was 22 years ago, and I've probably been there 6 times since then...and this is the first time I've ever been able to get across the bridge below Wapama Falls.

Us with Wapama Falls in the background.

Elegant Brodiaea


Star Tulip


Walt and Kolana Rock

Yellow wild iris

Law-abiding deer - he actually used the crosswalk!

Monday evening light on Half Dome.

Tuesday-Wednesday photos