Yosemite '04 Photos - Tuesday-Wednesday


Biking around the Valley floor, with a big rock in the background.

All four of us with upper Yosemite fall in the background.

Reflection in the Merced River.


Lee and Nevada Fall, taken about 1:30 into the Half Dome hike.

The backside of Half Dome - the climb goes all the way around the right side and up the shoulder on the right (called "Quarter Dome"). The cables start at the bottom of the little saddle between Quarter and Half domes.

At the top of Quarter Dome, about 4:30 into the hike - the cables looked really scary from there, but not nearly so bad once we got to the base of them. Only 400 feet to go!

Lee coming up the cables - Yes, it really *is* that steep!

The top of Half Dome - 4:50 after starting the hike. Only took a little over 15 minutes to climb up the cables.

New boots: $59.99
New Wrightsock hiking socks: $9.99
Dr. Scholl's Cushlin gel pads: $5.79
Climbing Half Dome without blisters: Priceless

Lee on the "diving board" - or maybe it's called "The Visor" - in either case that first step is a doozy - 4000' down!!!

We made it to the top!

Nevada Fall and Liberty Cap from the *other* side, as we were on our way down.

A great view of Vernal Fall on the cutover trail from the John Muir trail back to the Mist Trail - it was .4 miles shorter than way, and at that point in the day, .4 miles that we didn't have to walk were quite important!

The end of the trail - 3:40 after we started down. We took the Mist Trail (7.0 miles) up and the cutover from the John Muir Trail to the Mist Trail (7.8 miles) down, so our total distance was "only" 14.8 rather than 16.4 miles. Either way we still climbed 4800' up and then descended 4800' down. Long, tough, day, but well worth it!

Already in bed at 8:30 at night!

Thursday-Saturday photos