Tigger's Yellowstone Geyser Gazings

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger went all over Yellowstone National Park with Laura and Lee and Walt and Barb, and tried to stay out of hot water - kind of tough with all of those hot springs and geysers and mud pots around!

On the way to the park from Bozeman, Montana he crossed this parallel for the second time that day - though the first time he flew over it!

The Roosevelt Arch marks the north entrance into Yellowstone.

Tigger tests the bed at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel for bounciness.

And checks out the view from the window - lots of elk droppings on the lawn, but no elk!

Bear-shaped soaps keep you looking your beary best!

Tigger admires the limestone terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs, like Canary Spring.

And of course his favorite was the color of Orange Spring!

At Norris Geyser Basin there was hot-water loving algae that is even more orange than Tigger.

Yellowstone National Park has about 1/2 of the world's hydrothermal features. And Tigger visited a fairly representative sample of all of them:

Geyers and Geyser Basins:

Look at all the pretty colors in Porcelain Basin!

In the Norris Geyser Basin Visitor Center, Tigger learns how geysers work...turns out it's not just a huge can of seltzer water!

Lonestar Geyser

Imperial Geyser (yes, there really is a geyser in the middle of all that steam!

Steamboat Geyser

And, I'm sure you're asking: "Where is a picture of Tigger and Old Faithful, the most famous geyser in the world???" Well, the only time Tigger was there when it was going off was at night, and it looked like this:


Here's part of the Mud Volcano area.

Kind of a friendly-looking mudpot!

Hot Springs and Pools

There were many very colorful pools and springs. This is Emerald Pool.

And Abyss Pool.

And Seismograph Pool.

And the granddaddy of them all - the enormous Grand Prismatic Spring.

There were also waterfalls:

Fairy Falls

Tower Falls

And Lower Yellowstone Falls

And there were all the other miscelleneous sights:

A Natural Bridge (where Tigger got snowed on!)

And you see what Tigger had to go through to get this view of Lake Yellowstone!

Tigger almost got divided at the Continental Divide.

Not sure why this wooden teepee was out alongside a trail...but Tigger considered it a photo-op.

And then there were the wildlife encounters:

Look at those claws - good thing this one wasn't going anywhere!

Tigger found this clump of hair alongside a tree where a bear had been scratching - but we didn't find the bear it had been attached to!

The buffalo were definitely roaming!

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