We're Going to a Walt Disney World Wedding!

Part 3

Our friends Laura and Dave (see Jeff's, Laura's, and Pam's Disneyland Trip Report) are getting married at Walt Disney World on May 8, and we're going to the wedding!

Monday, May 11 - Epcot

After getting the trip report up-to-date last night, I took time this morning to proofread and get the first two parts uploaded to our web site while Lee packed his suitcases.

We walked over to the Boardwalk Bakery and got some breakfast - they forgot to include the cream cheese for my bagel, though. Sigh.

It was Lee's final day here, so we decided to head back over to Epcot to do some of the things he really enjoys that we hadn't yet had a chance to do. First stop was The Land, and the Circle of Life movie - one of Lee's favorites. Then we wandered out to the Epcot fountain, but it was too windy for the fountain to dance at that time (though we later saw it from across the World Showcase lagoon).

We then headed off into World Showcase to the American Adventure. It was the first show of the day, and we really enjoyed hearing the "Voices of Liberty" - I got to be serenaded by Gary during "Oh Susannah". :-) We always enjoy hearing them.

Because of the small crowd, when we headed into the theater we were told to sit anywhere we wanted, rather than going all the way to the end of the row. :-) We sat right in the middle - great seats. The American Adventure is another one of Lee's favorites.

By then it was lunchtime, so we went next door to the Japanese Yakitori counter service place, where Lee had the combination platter. I really wasn't hungry, and only had the fruit cup. The food is always pretty good there, and the service is fast - our food was up before I finished paying for it! Of course, it helped that Epcot was VERY uncrowded on this particular day - I'm not sure when I've ever seen it so empty, well, except during Laura and Dave's wedding reception when we had the whole place to ourselves. :-)

We went back over to the Italy Pavilion to catch as much of the Rondo' Veneziano show as we could, and Lee got a couple more of their CDs. Unfortunately the show started a bit later than advertised, so we only were able to listen to a couple of songs before it was time to walk back to the Beach Club so Lee could collect his bags and catch the Mears shuttle to the airport.

It was hot and muggy, and I was still suffering from too many late nights, so I went back to the hotel and rested and relaxed for a while. Later that evening I met Jeff Spencer down in the lobby and we went into Epcot and watched British Invasion, and then had 8:20 Priority Seating at Chefs de France. Jeff must be well-known there - we had a table right at the window, and could have watched Illuminations from there. :-) I had the french onion soup and a salad, and Jeff had the veal chop with spinach and macaroni.

We finished dinner just before 9:00, but since we'd had such a great spot for viewing Illuminations after the wedding we decided not to stay, so instead went over to Beaches and Cream for dessert and split a Milky Way cake. That thing is huge! We didn't finish it. :-)

Jeff was leaving fairly early the next morning to drive back to Alabama so we said our goodbyes and he headed back to Ft. Wilderness, and I went upstairs and was actually in bed before 10:30! Lee had taken the computer home with him, so I wasn't able to do any trip report updates.

Monday, May 12 - Magic Kingdom and Home

My last day...sigh. I got up and packed and went down to Beaches and Cream to grab a bagel for breakfast. I still had some time before I was supposed to meet fellow RADPer Joe Hurley in the lobby, so I walked into Epcot and wandered around England and Canada for a while looking at the special garden exhibits. It was kind of lonely being there without Lee, though, and I called him from the phone outside Le Cellier to find out if he'd gotten home safely - he had, and the cats were very happy to see him.

I took some photos and went back to the Beach Club and put my luggage in storage, since I needed to check out before my shuttle to the airport. At 10:30 I met Joe Hurley in the lobby - with Mickey in the basket of his ECV I had no trouble recognizing him. We went out to the BC bus stop and waited for a bus to the Magic Kingdom. Kudos to the Disney transportation people here - they noticed that there were 2 wheelchairs and Joe's ECV all bound for MK, as well as about 15 other people, so they brought in a special bus that could accomodate up to 5 wheelchairs/ECVs and got everyone loaded into it, and then we were off to the MK without the additional stop at the Boardwalk we would normally have had. It could have been a LONG wait for me and Joe if we'd had to wait while the other two wheelchairs went first.

This was my first visit to MK on this trip, and I was very happy to see the castle restored to its former beauty - actually it looks even BETTER than I had ever seen it. I really hated the "cakesle" they had for the 25th anniversary celebration - I much prefer the beautiful blue and gold spires and turrets of the castle.

Joe had arranged to meet a couple other RADP people at the flagpole inside MK at 11:00, and we were right on time - but they were late. :-) But Carole and her friend showed up, and we chatted and got an off-duty CM to take our pictures.

Then we headed off to Adventureland, and parted ways - Joe and I went to see the new Tiki Birds show. I had never seen the Tiki Birds at MK, and it's been years since I saw them at Disneyland, but I enjoyed this show - I think they've kept enough of the old elements to keep the traditionalists happy, while adding enough new things to make it a little more interesting. It was fun.

Then it was off to the Jungle Cruise - we had a pretty good skipper for this one, who *didn't* make the spiel sound like he'd performed it several thousand times. And then we did Pirates of the Caribbean - I still prefer the one at DL, though.

At that point I needed to leave to catch my bus back to the Beach Club so I could catch my shuttle to the airport, so I said goodbye to Joe. The bus was at the bus stop when I got there, and I arrived back quicker than I had thought - so I headed into Epcot for one last performance of the World Showcase Players - hoping that I might *finally* get to see "Romeo and Edna".

And, woo hoo, they were performing Romeo and Edna!!! Unfortunately, I had to leave before the end, though as it turned out I could have stayed because the Mears shuttle was over 15 minutes late (unlike the one that picked up Lee, which was a couple minutes early).

But I arrived in plenty of time, and my flights home were uneventful - I even slept for about 2 hours straight on the Atlanta-San Diego leg.

Miscellaneous Impressions

Here, in no particular order, are some thoughts about various aspects of our trip.

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