Tigger's Whimsical Wedding Wanderings

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger was also invited to Laura and Dave's wedding - don't he and Pegasus look dashing in their wedding finery? :-)

Tigger inspects the wedding cake...

Tigger had a great time visiting the new Animal Kingdom park - though he found lots of creatures there that thought he was pretty appetizing, especially in Dino Land.

Even the *dead* dinosaurs were after him...

Tigger and dinosaur

This one at least didn't try to eat him....must be a vegetarian. :-)

Tigger and Pegasus on the train

Tigger and Pegasus enjoyed the train ride to the Conservation Station.

Tigger and Tiger

Woo hoo - Tigger loves getting together with his relatives! You can see the family resemblance - the keen eyes, the "don't mess with me" expression, the alert ears, the well-defined stripes... :-)

Tigger and headphones

Tigger listens to the sounds of the rainforest - wow, that jaguar sounds pretty scary!

Tigger and sign

Tigger thinks they need to change this sign - he suggested "Beware of bouncing, pouncing Tiggers" might be more appropriate.

Tigger and bug glasses

Doesn't Tigger look cool in his 3-D bug glasses?

Tigger and cat

Tigger finally got the dinosaurs to leave him alone - but now even his fellow felines are after him!

Tigger and topiary

This Tigger topiary was in the park in the UK pavilion at Epcot - we think Tigger must have posed for this, since it looks exactly like him - except they made his nose pink instead of brown.

Tigger and Candy

Tigger and our waitress Candy at the Adventurer's Club - that Tigger gets all the babes. :-)

Tigger and Brian

Tigger wishes Brian a Happy Birthday.

Tigger and drinks

Whoops, I think Tigger had one too many Kungalooshes...

Tigger and Bill

Know what happens when Tiggers have too many Kungalooshes?

They start bouncing off people's heads. :-)

Tigger and mask

Tigger wasn't even safe in the Adventurer's Club - this mask tried to eat him.

Tigger and Joe

Tigger catches a ride with Mickey on Joe's ECV.

Tigger and Brer Rabbit

Tigger and Brer Rabbit bounce off to find a little more adventure - pretty good, sure as you're born! :-)

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