Tigger's February Frolic

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger joined Laura and Lauri on their "girl's weekend" - he's in touch with his feminine side, you know. :-)

Tigger admires the view from the Boardwalk Villas Studio where he shared Laura's bed (shhh...don't tell Lee!!!)

Meet Nick, the Naked Mole Rat!
Not at all self-conscious, is he?

If Tigger spends too much more time in the sun it'll be hard to tell him from the cheetahs!

See the family resemblance?

Hanging out in the library in Belle's Castle, Tigger wonders: "Where's the Beast???"

At the RADP meet, Tigger hangs out with Laura, Laura (from Nova Scotia) and Eeyore.

Tigger would do better if they had a "Fastest Paw" question. (And if he gets in the Hot Seat, is he considered to be a Cast Member?)

This year Tigger showed more decorum during afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian and didn't end up wearing the tea cozy...but couldn't resist diving into a bowl of strawberries and cream. We'll work on that *next* year...

Tigger's idea of a "Personal Digital Assistant" is someone with 10 fingers who does everything for him.

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