Laura and Lee's Alpine Adventure

January 23-27, 2003

Lee and I and our good friends Walt and Barb went up to the Mammoth area to do some skiing and to visit my parents - very nice of my parents to live in an area that's so wonderful to come and visit in the summer AND winter! :-) We did a day of downhill skiing at Mammoth Mountain and some cross-country skiing too.

This isn't really much of a trip report - more of an on-line photo album. Hope you enjoy.

Here we are on Mammoth Mountain - Dad, Lee, Laura, Walt, and Barb.

Lee, Dad, and Walt, on the edge of St. Anton's bowl.

Chef Walt cooks up some chicken fajitas.

We had a lovely sunset on Friday night.

There was still 12-18" of snow in the area around Mom and Dad's house (even though it hadn't snowed since Christmas) so we were able to just drive a short distance from the house and strap on our cross-country skis and go - we found snowmobile tracks and other skiers' tracks back in the hills around the Owens Gorge. We managed not to get too lost.

Just call me Heidi. :-)

Lee enjoys some cross-country skiing and beautiful scenery on a sunny winter day.

Walt shows off his cross-country form.

Barb glides down a slope.

AAAAAAAA! These skis have no edges and you can't steer them!

Lee demonstrates his best racing form...

...Followed by his best "I'm completely out of control" form...

...Followed by his best crash landing. :-)

Unfortunately Lee was injured in the Walt prepares for an emergency amputation...

...But out in the wilds, the only thing available was Laura's rather dull pocket Swiss Army knife...

There...that wasn't so bad, was it?

Barb does her part in trying to eradicate another rabbit brush bush from the face of the earth - a terrible plant that causes lots of people (including Laura's mom) to suffer horrible allergies in the late summer when it blooms.

A terrific view of Mammoth Mountain (on the left) with the Minarets and Ritter and Banner to the right. Ho, hum, just another perfect winter day in the High Sierra!

Walt samples a variety of hot sauces...we did see a little steam coming out his ears later. :-)

Lee and Tigger and Stitch settle in to watch the Superbowl - with beer and snacks, of course!

Mom and Dad on their deck.

Aren't we cute? :-)

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