Nags Head '04 Photos - Friday - Saturday


The Bodie Island lighthouse...which, as far as I can tell, isn't on an island, and isn't even right on the water.

Barb, Lee, and I visited the Fort Raleigh National Historic Site on Roanoke Island, which is where the "Lost Colony" (home of Virginia Dare) was located. Until this trip we always thought that "Roanoke" referred to Roanoke *Virginia*. There wasn't a lot to see there, but we took a walk in the woods.

A beach near the Ft. Raleigh site.

This display in the Visitor Center showed the tools used by the Algonquins, the English colonists, and modern Americans. The selection of the cordless power drill struck me as funny, though certainly among the men in my family it is considered an essential tool! :-)

The Elizabethan Gardens at the Ft. Raleigh site.

That afternoon a heck of a storm moved in - the lifeguards came by and cleared the beach because we were on tornado watch for a while. The lightning lasted for several hours - it was quite a light show!


Sunrise over the dune - sure seemed strange to see the sun *rise* over the ocean instead of *set*! :-)

Louise - she *said* it was just tea in that cup...

Like mother, like daughter...both Daisy and Priscilla had Dove ice cream bars for breakfast.

And this was Calley's breakfast!

Priscilla's ice cream bar evidently needed a chaser. :-)

Daisy and Calley prepare to leave after a wonderful week!

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