Nags Head '04 Photos - Monday - Tuesday


Just a little background on this trip...

To celebrate her 75th birthday, our friend Daisy rented a large house right on the beach in Nags Head, North Carolina, and invited family and friends to join her. We were honored to be included in such a special gathering. It was a terrific week.

We'd never been to the Outer Banks before, and did some sightseeing while we were there in addition to enjoying the beach. Lee's brother Wayne lives in Raleigh, so we flew in and out of Raleigh and spent some time with Wayne, too.

Sign on the booth of a parking garage in Raleigh

Bodie, Wayne's dog, isn't allowed on the furniture...but if he's sitting on top of someone he technically isn't on the furniture, right? :-)

Wayne and Bodie

We saw these winged horses, decorated in all sorts of different ways, all over the Outer Banks. This one was at the Visitor Center on Roanoke Island.

The beach house - "Manhattan Melody". It was 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, two half bathrooms, with a pool and jacuzzi. VERY comfortable and roomy, even with 16 of us staying there!

The back of the house. I took this picture from the stairway that goes from the pool area over the dune and down to the beach.

Lee on the beach. Nice and wide with soft sand and, best of all, *warm* water!!! Quite different from the Pacific Ocean!


The Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk was just a few miles up the road. No question that *they* had "The Wright Stuff". :-)

Check out the labels on these ketchup bottles. :-)

Uncle Walt gives Douglass some boogie-boarding lessons.

Lee catches a wave.

Greg rides a wave to shore.

Barb and Douglass play in the waves.

Relaxing before dinner.

Wednesday-Thursday photos