Nags Head '04 Photos - Wednesday - Thursday


Barb, Lee and I did some sightseeing out on the Cape.

The Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

Barb completes the arduous (NOT!) 200' climb to the top.

On top of the lighthouse!

View from the top - yeah, I know it's not much of a photo, but at least shows we were there.

Descending the spiral staircase.

Yet another view of the lighthouse. It is quite picturesque! :-)

On the way back we stopped at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.

This is the wildest thing we saw there. :-)

We did see turtles basking on the shores of the marsh, though.

A view of the marsh.

Lee and Barb at one of the overlooks along the 1/2 mile trail. It was a hot and humid afternoon...that was a VERY long 1/2 mile!

What kind of line do you form when you're having a taco bar for dinner? A conga line, of course! :-)


Barb cooks up some French Toast for breakfast.

Walt enjoys his morning coffee out on the deck.

Jockey's Ridge State Park, with the highest sand dunes in the state.

Daisy and Terry.

And what do you do with all those sand piles to play in?

We didn't see this sign until later. :-)

Friday-Saturday photos