Tourist Mickey Visits Disneyland!

Part 1's the happiest place on earth! And this guy sure looks familiar to Mickey...

Mickey tries to pull the sword from the stone to become the Ruler of the Realm...though, come to think of it, he already *is*!

Dumbo was happy to give Mickey an aerial tour of Disneyland.

Mickey rides King Arthur's Carrousel.

Mickey and Toad

Mr. Toad gave Mickey a *really* wild ride...Mickey's eyes were actually glowing in the dark!

Mickey and Toad Car

Mickey thinks Mr. Toad's Wild Ride would be a lot safer if HE drove instead of Mr. Toad.

Mickey and Train

Woo, woo!!!! The Disneyland Express is now departing!

Mickey in Toontown

Mickey visits the Toontown Glass Factory.

Mickey and Talking Mailbox

Mickey checks out the talking Mailbox in Toontown. There are several different do all those people fit in there, anyways???

Mickey's Mailbox

Home is where the mailbox is... :-)

Mickey and Wishing Well

Mickey makes a wish at the Wishing Well in the garden at Minnie's house.

Mickey at BTMRR

Mickey gets ready to experience "the wildest ride in the Wilderness!" (Better hang onto that hat, Mickey! :-) )

Mickey and skull

The Indy queue was a bit spooky...Mickey hopes that *his* skull doesn't end up adorning it some day...

Mickey drives

But Mickey did manage to drive his jeep load of tourists safely through the Temple of Mara - even if someone *did* look into Mara's eyes...

Mickey and snakes

Snakes...why did it have to be snakes???

Mickey and rat

Mickey says hello to a distant cousin...

Mickey's and snowman

Christmas in September??? Mickey thought this was a bit premature, even for Disneyland.

Mickey and Christmas sign

Mickey never did see the Jolly Old Elf...but he learned the Christmas decorations were up because of a commercial they were filming that night...and the next day, most of the decorations were gone.

Mickey and Minnie

Ah, now who is *this* charming lass???

Mickey on Splash Mountain
Mickey and the gang ride Splash Mountain...Mickey and Tigger got pretty wet. Fortunately Mickey's tourist shirt is color fast!

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