The Adventures of Gorillapod Guy -
Podguy Goes to Maui

Podguy got to go along when Laura and Lee went to Maui.

Podguy had never been on an airplane before - he checks out the safety features of the Boeing 717 aircraft.

And gets his first glimpse of Diamond Head and the island of Oahu.

It's the Nakalele blowhole - Thar she blows!!!

Podguy carefully balances on these precariously balanced rocks (Tigger didn't dare try this!)

At Haleakala, Podguy takes a rather unique view of the crater...both from the top...

...and from the inside.

Podguy does his imitation of a silversword plant.

It's the Arch of the Day!

Along the Road to Hana, Podguy saw many Haipuaena...

...and Hanawi...

But really got up close and personal here!

Tree roots make good perches.

There was a nifty black sand beach.

And even a red sand beach! (Though Podguy thinks these look more like "pebbles" than "sand".)

Awwww...this poor rock formation has only two pods instead of three...

Podguy does his best tree impression.

Podguy goes whale watching - they're out there somewhere!

Just call him the Whale Rider! (He's on the fin. Really.)

Podguy also had a run-in with the Maui can read more about that HERE.

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