The Adventures of Gorillapod Guy -
Podguy Meets the Maui Marauder

And in today's featured bout...Gorillapod, aka Podguy, takes on KingKongpod, aka the Maui Marauder.


Oh! Podguy get a leg up (so to speak) with the classic "Ride 'em Podboy" move!


And the Maui Marauder counters - the buck starts here!


Podguy is holding his own for now...but can he hang in there?


Oh no! Podguy is losing his grip...his flexibility is just no match for the raw strength of the Maui Marauder.


Podguy hits the floor and tumbles...


And it's all over...Despite appearances, there's no "split" decision here -
the Maui Marauder wins with a TPO - Three Pods Out.



Join us next time, when Podguy takes on the Yosemite Yokel.

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