tigger and tigger

Tigger's Disneyland Delight

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger attended the RADP meets at Disneyland, and had a wonderful time making new friends.

Tigger tolerates a ride on It's a Small World with Jeff Spencer and Beth Eloheimo.

Other than this "It's a Small World" thing, Tigger thinks Jeff is a pretty nice guy, because he gave Tigger all this cool NASA stuff.

Tigger and hearse

Tigger plays on the hearse out in front of the Haunted Mansion.

Tigger in No Bounce Zone

Tigger was very disappointed to see something like this in Disneyland, of all places!

tigger and space mountain

And this is what happens when you bounce in the "No Bouncing Zone"... :-)

Tigger and Space Mountain

Space Mountain with Lee and Laura...Tigger rides with his arms raised for the entire ride...woo hoo!

Tigger and friends in the tree

Tigger bounced around with his good buddies Eeyore and Baby Pegasus.

tigger and shake

Tigger tries a strawberry shake...

tigger and cheshire cat

This guy has an even bigger smile than Tigger does!

tigger and button

Tigger proudly shows off his very own RADP button, with his name on it and everything!

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