Tigger's D.C. Detour

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger was back in our nation's capital, to do the tourist thing and bounce around with some of his RADP friends! (This photo is Tigger on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.)

Tigger tests the bounce on the bed in the hotel room...

Tigger checked out the Star Wars exhibit at the Air and Space Museum... he thinks Jedi Masters need to study The Bounce instead of the Force, though.

Tigger does his "Han Solo in Carbonite" impression.

Tigger and DNA

Tigger tries a recombinant DNA experiment at the American History Museum...combining frog DNA with bacteria. Tigger hoped to end up with bacteria that bounced.

Tigger and Kathy

Tigger and Kathy enjoy "The Taste of D.C." - Tigger was guarding all the food tickets.

Tigger and merhorse

Tigger rides the merhorse on the carousel. (Ok, so this was Laura's choice and not Tigger's - it's her favorite carousel animal...but at least it went up and down, and that made Tigger happy.)

Tigger at Washington Monument

Tigger was so shocked to find out that the Washington Monument was closed for restoration that he fell off the sign! (It's ok..he bounced right back. :-) )

Tigger and Monument

Tigger managed to pose with the monument and NOT fall this time. :-)

Tigger and radio

At the FDR Memorial, Tigger listens to the Padres beat up on the Braves in the National League Championships.

Tigger and tree

Tigger tries his hand...er..paw...at tree climbing.

Tigger and leaves

Tigger finds a patch of autumn leaves to play in...woo hoo!

Tigger and Mickeys

Tigger joins his good buddies Mickey and Mickey for lunch at Planet Hollywood with the rest of the RADP gang.

Tigger at Potomac Mills

After the RADP Meet, Tigger goes shopping at Potomac Mills.

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