Tigger's Snow Days in Yosemite

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger and Stitch visited Yosemite National Park after Christmas, and it snowed!!!

Bridalveil Fall - though it's more ice than water!

But Lower Yosemite Fall doesn't look too much different.

Tigger thinks it should be called Upper Yosem-icy Fall!

Tigger ponders the pine needles sticking straight up out of the snow.

The high water mark of the Merced River was way over Tigger's head.

The fresh snow really brought out the snowmen...

...and even some snow aliens!

Tigger and Podguy poised at the top of a snowy slope...

...and Tigger at the bottom. Skiing down a slope is highly overrated -
falling all the way down takes a lot more talent!

Stitch attempted the same slope...

...with about the same result.

Tigger and Stitch explore the grove of snow-covered sequoia trees.

Look! It's a snow-covered sequoia tree!

It's all about the squirrels...(Ok, so you really had to see the evening program on the Mariposa Grove to get that reference, but trust us - when it comes to sequoia trees, it's all about the squirrels!)

No Tigger - it's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, not The Legend of Snowy Hollow.

Yes, it's really an orange icicle! Something about the tannin in sequoia bark. (But we thought it was all about the squirrels?!?!)

Merrily we go,
Bouncing through the snow!

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