Tigger's Yosemite Yarns

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger likes visiting Yosemite - but a place like this makes Tigger feel pretty small - big trees...bigger waterfalls...even bigger rocks...

Of course, that didn't stop Tigger from posing with as many waterfalls as he could, though. :-) (That's Bridalveil Fall in the picture above.)

Tigger and Upper Yosemite Fall.

Tigger and Laura's mom Jean with Vernal Fall.

Tigger and Lee and Pegasus with Nevada Fall - honest, Tigger is *really* in this photo...see the little orange dot on top of the rock? :-)

Tigger and pussypaws

Tigger and his favorite flower - pussypaws! :-)

Tigger and Pegasus in the car

Tigger and Pegasus enjoyed watching the scenery from the dashboard of the car.

Tigger and sugar pine cone

Now *that's* a big pine cone! (From a sugar pine tree.)

Tigger and bus

Tigger rides one of Yosemite's shuttle buses.

Tigger and hikers

Tigger and the Vernal/Nevada Falls hiking group. Tigger encouraged everyone to bounce up the trail, though.

Tigger and squirrel

Tigger made a new friend...or maybe the squirrel was just trying to decide whether or not Tigger was edible.

Tigger and flood sign

The flood water got really, really high...

Tigger and bear

Tigger aids and abets a marauding bear...bad Tigger!

Tigger and bars

And this is what happens to Tiggers who aid and abet marauding bears...

Tigger and Mirror Lake

No, Tigger isn't upside down - that's the reflection of Half Dome in Mirror Lake.

Tigger and sequoia

Tigger and Pegasus and a very large sequoia tree... :-)

Tigger and sequoia cones

Tigger thinks the cones of the sequoia trees are much more his size. :-)

Tigger and tunnel tree

This sequoia had a tunnel carved in it, but it fell down. Tigger denies all knowledge and involvement. :-)

Tigger and briar patch

Tigger does his Brer Rabbit impression and hangs out in the Briar Patch. :-)

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