Yosemite Wildflowers - Page 2

mariposa lily pink mariposa mariposa and indian pink
Mariposa lily Pink Mariposa lily Mariposa lily and Indian pink

meadow_rue heart miners_lettuce dicks mountain misery
Meadow Rue Miner's Lettuce
(yes, it's edible!)
Mountain Misery

monkeyflower musk monkeyflower mustang_clover
Monkeyflower Musk monkeyflower Mustang clover

peach flower peregrine thistle phacelia
This is a lovely peach color, and I have no idea what it is Peregrine thistle Phacelia - looks like it belongs on Star Trek

primose_monkeyflower purple_lupine purple milkweed
Primrose monkeyflower Lupine Purple milkweed

purple_mustard purple_mustard purple nightshade
A member of the mustard family...but purple and not yellow Similar...but different Purple nightshade - but not deadly
(Did you know that potatoes and tomatoes are
also members of the nightshade family?)

purple_vetch purple_vetch pussy_paws
Purple vetch More purple vetch Pussy paws

raillardella red_flowers brodiaea red_leaves
Raillardella Unknown red flowers - but pretty! Red leaves

red_stuff saxifrage serviceberry
This red flower grows on a good-sized shrub...and after consulting 4 flower books I still have no idea what it is Saxifrage Serviceberry

Shieldleaf Shooting stars snowplant
Shieldleaf Shooting stars Snowplant

Star Tulip stonecrop wild strawberry
Star tulip Stonecrop Wild strawberry

Thimbleberry thistle tincture plant
Thimbleberry Thistle Tincture plant

white lily woodland star woodland star
Some kind of lily? Woodland star Another woodland star

little white flower lwf lwf
Little white flower Another little white flower Yet another little white flower

Yellow violet yellow violet white monkeyflower yellow monkeyflower
Yellow violet Another yellow violet White monkeyflower Monkeyflower

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