tigger and Yosemite Valley

Tigger's 2001 Yosemite Odyssey

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger had a most excellent Yosemite Adventure with Laura and Lee and Walt and Barb - he got to go new places this year, and even ended up with a brand new big brother!

At the Yosemite Pioneer History Center, Tigger got to see all sorts of stuff about how they did things in the olden days.

This is what the pioneers meant by "pumping iron". :-)

tigger and yoke
Tigger doesn't find this "yoke" very funny!

Tigger on chair
Tigger kicks back at the Wawona Hotel, ignoring the signs that the facilities are for guests only.

tigger in jail
...But the authorities soon caught up with him!

Tigger takes time to smell the flowers (lupine).
tigger and tiggerlily

It's Tigger's very favorite flower - a Tiggerlily!
tigger and bridalveil fall

Tigger toured the valley in several different ways - the top of Lee's hat gave him a nice vantage point!
tigger and bike

Biking is another great way to see the valley - especially when you don't have to do any of the pedaling!
tigger and coffeecake

Tigger is eating a square white round thing when he hears footprints behind him. (Ok, so there's only 8 people in the world that'll understand this, but they'll think it's funny! :-) )
tigger and half dome

Hey, what happened to the other half of the dome?
tigger and meadow

Tigger admires the meadow where John Muir met with Teddy Roosevelt.
tigger and big tig

Woo hoo! Tigger has a new big brother! As you can see Big Ranger Tigger and Little Ranger Tigger are ready to go out on patrol together.
tigger and cabin

Tigger relaxes in the cabin after a long day patrolling the trails.
tigger and lifejacket

Last year Laura wouldn't let Tigger go rafting, but this year Tigger is prepared with his helmet and lifejacket...
tigger in bag

...not to mention his own personal environmental suit...
tigger and raft

...And he's ready for some whitewater action!
tigger and paddle

But the water was pretty low this year, so the most excitement he got was when Walt attempted to serve him up like a pizza.

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