tigger and Yosemite Falls

Tigger's Yosemite Trials, Trails, and Tales

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger made another trip to Yosemite National Park with Laura and Lee and Walt and Barb - though he's learned that venturing anywhere with Walt and Barb tends to result in those "Too Bad Tigger" moments. But he survived his adventures unscathed, and will be back to bounce another day!

Tigger prepares to rappell down the face of El Capitan on the Yosemite sign...uh, Tigger, "head-first" is not exactly the recommended technique.

Guess Tigger is too tired to enjoy the view...

tigger and moss
Hmm...well, so much for the theory that a "bouncing Tigger gathers no moss"...

Tigger tries his hand...err paw, that is, at a little rock-climbing:

Tigger climbing rock

tigger in crack
Such technique! Eat your heart out, Galen Rowell! :-)

Tigger watches Laura take yet another flower picture.
tigger and monkey flowers

And this time Tigger has to be *in* a flower picture...Laura seemed to find it amusing that he was posing with monkey flowers - Tigger thinks Maripoohsa Lilies would have been more appropriate. :-)
tigger and vernal fall

Tigger and Lee on the bridge below Vernal Fall - look at all that bouncy white water!
tigger and tueeulala

Tigger admires Tueeulala Fall in Hetch Hetch Valley.
tigger and bike

Tigger and Lee compete in the Tour de Yosemite!
tigger and dam

Dam! Tigger atop the O'Shaughnessy Dam, which dammed (or damned, depending on your political views) the Tuolumne River, forming the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

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