Tigger's Wedding Whimsy

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger flew up to Washington with Laura and Lee and crashed a wedding and it didn't even rain!

Tigger went up in the Seattle Space Needle...it's a long way down!

While everyone else was eating salmon at the rehearsal dinner, Tigger almost became crab food!

Tigger meets Big Foot....Tigger is just glad that one of those "big feet" didn't "sasquatch" him!

Tigger and Pegasus weren't invited to Gary and Sia's wedding, but decided to come any ways...and they were very well-behaved and went along with the Hawaiian motif.

Pegasus...don't eat the flowers! Well, ok...they were *mostly* well-behaved...

Tigger's quite disappointed that Laura made him leave his skis at home...

We're not sure what advice Tigger gave the groom, but we're afraid that it probably involved bouncing...

Tigger thinks this was a MUCH easier way up the mountain than all the hiking that everyone else did.

Tigger tries out some of the wild blackberries that were growing everywhere...he thinks they would look better with orange stripes, though.

Tigger and Lee check out what's been happening in the rest of the world.

Good thing this dog already had something in his mouth, so he wasn't tempted to eat Tigger!

Tigger rides a ferry for the first time - woo hoo!

Tigger catches a ride on a friendly dolphin.

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