Tigger's Millennium Malarkey

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It's Christmas and the Millennimum...Milleniumum...oh, whatever...celebration, and Tigger is ready to celebrate!

Tigger has his lanyard, ready to do some serious pin-trading!

Tigger trades his very first pin...he came home with about 30 new ones!

Tigger is ready to celebrate the future - paw in hand?

Ride 'em Tigger!!! Yee-haw!!!! Some of those carousel ponies get frisky at times!

These next pictures are from Islands of Adventure...sometimes a Tigger just has to get away from all that Pooh.

Celebrity that he is, Tigger wore his dark glasses on Spiderman so that he wouldn't be pestered by fans (or recognized by IOA extremists).

Tigger's ready to ride the Incredible Hulk roller coaster!

Having lost his dark glasses on "Hulk", Tigger attempts to disguise himself as the Cat in the Hat and hangs out with Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Uh oh...Tigger was recognized and locked up...but he prepares his escape...

And makes his getaway on a passing many footed cow creature.

Tigger wonders if the Lorax will speak for Tiggers as well as Truffula trees.

Tigger finds a vantage point to look for signs of pursuit.

Tigger commandeers a vehicle and takes Amy on a wild ride...look out!!!!

Having made his escape from IOA, Tigger heads back to WDW again...

...and some things just never change!

Tigger meets Julia Rose Abrams...the newest RADPer. Hmmm...maybe in a year or so she'll be a little more bouncy. :-)

Rachel helps Tigger wave the magic Tinker Bell wand...

ACK! This is not exactly the wish Tigger had in mind!

Everybody smile for the camera...Sigh. Who'd have thought that *Tigger* would be the cooperative one?

Tigger gives pouncing tips to the lion in the Animal Kingdom Christmas tree.

Where's TIGGER?!?!

Big Tigger meets Little Tigger...Big Tigger didn't want to give Little Tigger back!

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