Tigger's Walt Disney World Christmas Capers

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It's Christmas time at Walt Disney World again! Tigger loves visiting and meeting up with all sorts of interesting characters...here he tells Santa Tigger what he wants for Christmas...more bounce! ;-)

Tigger hangs out with the friendly dolphins at Old Key West.

In Tomorrowland, Tigger does his John Glenn impression.

Bad Tigger...lean rails are for *leaning*, not *sitting*...

This is what happens to Tiggers who sit on lean rails. :-)

...And then they get thrown to the crocodiles.

Tigger thought the Christmas tree at Animal Kingdom looked a lot better with him as a decoration.

Tigger watches the capybaras, the world's largest rodents, at Animal Kingdom, and wonders how they might taste...

Tigger realizes that something that passed this way is a lot bigger than he is...

Uh oh.

This tiger in the China pavilion is a lot friendlier!

Tigger tries to turn himself into a Norway Christmas decoration.

Tigger was very happy with the candy Tiger that Miyuki, the candy artist in the Japan pavilion, made for him.

Tigger was very proud that Jan deemed him "beadable"...and since this is a family page, we won't tell you what he had to do to earn those beads... ;-)

As if Tigger doesn't hang around with enough Siamese cats at home...

Tigger prepares to participate in the Boston Tea Party.

Tigger hangs out with Tourist Mickey at the Adventurer's Club. Let's just say that Tourist Mickey is a LOT more...um...uninhibited than he was when Tigger first met him at Disneyland back in September...Kungaloosh!

Bill apparently doesn't realize that Tiggers aren't labeled for human consumption...

Tigger joins the "Mickey's Christmas Carol" display.

This gator is no doubt trying to figure out how he can get Tigger *off* his nose and *inside* his mouth...

Ice Gator, Blizzard Beach's mascot, was a LOT friendlier, and gave Tigger a wild ride down the slopes!

Tigger sits on Pooh's head to avoid being sat on...this Pooh is definitely too big for Tigger to bounce!

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