Tigger's Disney World Deception

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

A new Disney place for Tigger! He'd never been to Walt Disney World before. It was very hard for him to keep the secret of his trip there in December, but he managed not to let anyone bounce it out of him.

Tigger began the weekend helping Laura with her big cookie baking party...Tiggers *like* cookies...

Tigger also enjoys playing in "Image Works" at Epcot - his favorite is the drums, because they are bouncy.

Tigger and Genie

Sometimes Tigger hangs out with a bad crowd...

Tigger and Donald

Did we mention that sometimes Tigger hangs out with a bad crowd? :-)

tigger and lee

Here's a couple of totally rad 3-D dudes!

Tigger and Friend

This guy has a rather unique perspective on the world - Tigger decided to see what it was like.

tigger and laura

Tigger and Laura enjoy a lovely Epcot afternoon.

Tigger and totem

Tigger liked all of the totem poles in the Wilderness Lodge lobby. (BIG totem poles...SMALL tigger...)

tigger splashes down!

Tigger loved riding Splash Mtn with his good buddy Deb! Woo hoo!

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