Tigger & Stitch's Holiday Escape

(It seems as though this report should be called "Stitch's Holiday Invasion", because he was *everywhere* this year...and Tigger may be a wee bit miffed that Stitch got his very *own* attraction this year, whereas Tigger has to share his with the rest of the Pooh gang. And while Stitch is off having all the fun spitting acid and eating chili dogs and burping, Tigger has to save that dratted Piglet from the waterfall over and over again (he's checking into the possibility of outsourcing to Lassie), just to find that Pooh, who did nothing more than sit around stuffing his face with hunny, gets all the credit for being a hero! But Tigger's still a hero to all of us, right?)

At least Tigger got his own Christmas tree at Animal Kingdom!

...But so did Stitch.

Stitch got to make a cameo appearance in Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade.

...But Tigger got to hang out with the babes.

Tigger got to ride a Segway around Epcot.

But so did Stitch.

Stitch found a HUGE replica of himself...

And Tigger tries to make his "presents" known.

Wait! No, Tigger, don't do anything drastic! There are ways to boost your popularity!

Maybe a change in image would help?

Ok, so it's not exactly a Queer Eye makeover...

Tigger tries hanging out with some of Disney's new stars - at least orange stripes are "in".

Woo hoo hoo hoo dude!

If Stitch can have a "great escape" then so can Tigger...by monorail

Or horseback...

Even donkey back.

Hmm...escape by Segway is not really an option.

And some methods of escape require their own method of escape! "Tiggers are friends, not food."

In the end, Tigger finally saw "Stitch's Great Escape":

...And sent condolences to Stitch.

And decided to kick back and enjoy.

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