Holidaze with Tigger and Stitch

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger and Stitch got all dressed up for the holidays at Walt Disney World. Maybe there's something to this "you better not pout, better not cry" thing, because they were remarkably well-behaved...this time. :-)

Tigger and Stitch people watch from a table at the Tangierine Cafe...several people stopped to ask where "Santa Stitch" came from. Many more just smiled and pointed...which means that many CMs in shops were probably asked where "Santa Stitch" was sold! :-) But you know, Tigger and Stitch have a lot in common - they are both "the only one!"

There were some other Tigger and Stitch fans staying at the Boardwalk...they'd decorated the antenna on their car!

Warning! Warning! Danger, Tigger, danger!

People always say Tigger is a space cadet...

Tigger and Stitch kick back at the Wilderness Lodge Villas.

Tigger and Stitch ponder a career in animation.

It appears that a large sweet tooth was included in Experiment 626's genetic code.

He can't believe he ate the wholllllle thing. Apparently even genetically engineered beings can overdose on chocolate. :-)

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