Tigger's Part of the Magic

Tigger-sized chair at the Grand Floridian

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It's Christmas at Walt Disney World, and this year Tigger decided he wanted to *be* part of the celebration! Can you figure out where Tigger was in each of these pictures? (In most browsers, if you place your mouse on the picture a little box will pop up with the answer, or if that doesn't work, there's a link at the end that will provide the answers.)

Tree in Grand Floridian lobby

Tigger couldn't believe that this tree had an ornament big enough for him to live in!

Small tree in Wilderness Lodge lobby

Tigger's heard of "going TP'ing", but didn't realize that people used *real* teepees.

Small tree in Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby

But wait...it's not just a tree ornament, it's also a hat!

Magic Kingdom tree

Despite a big rain storm the night before, Tigger's spirits were undampened by this rather soggy display.

Wilderness Lodge Villas lobby

Now *that's* a pine cone!

And since food presentation is kind of like decorating...

Chocolate Mousse cake at Le Cellier

Tigger's idea of a Moosehead!

Chocolate Symphony at Jiko

Tiggers don't live by bread (pudding) alone!

Beach Club Lobby tree

Is this what they mean by a Hat Tree?

The Holiday Storyteller display at the Canada pavilion

All wrapped up and no place to go...

Tree in front of Animal Kingdom entrance

Sorry Tigger - looks like Disney already beat you to the "decorating with Tiggers" idea...

Beach Club Villa lobby

Santas and Tiggers and trees...oh my!

Epcot tree

Tigger wants to be "Part of Your World".

Wreath at the Contemporary Resort

There he goes...wreathing havoc...

Panda topiary outside the old Millennium Village at Epcot

Hey! When Tigger said he wanted to be "part of the magic", this wasn't exactly what he had in mind!

So where was Tigger? The answers are here.

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