Tigger's Magical Moments

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It's Christmas at Walt Disney World, and the 100 Years of Magic celebration! Tigger was prepared with his light-up Sorcerer hat and his Magical Moments pin (and he had so MANY magical moments that the batteries died), as well as his Santa hat.

Tigger enjoyed the view from the patio of the spacious Old Key West vacation home.

Tigger was fascinated by the sparkly floors in Innoventions and "One Man's Dream". (Yes, as a matter of fact, Tiggers *are* rather easily entertained... :-) )

Now *that's* one Big Ass Hat!!!

Under the BAH, Tigger and Lee discovered that they could play a game and make Tigger's Magical Moments pin go crazy! (Tigger had to tell Lee all the right answers, though - because trivia games are what Tiggers do best!)

Tigger dreams of the starship Tiggerprise!

Tigger tests himself to see if he has "The Right Stuff"...or is that "The Right Stuffing"?

It's those fierce Viking warriors - Lee the Green and Tigger the Orange!

You KNEW Tigger had to get eaten by *something*, right? :-)

After a long day in the parks, it's time for a short Tiggernap!

Tigger thinks these bug eyes make a great fashion statement - just the thing to wear to a production of "A Cockroach Line" or "Beauty and the Bees".

Does a crash test dummy have a zip-Audi-doo-dah day with Tigger on his shoulder?

Tigger and his new friend JD - from The Netherlands via the South Pole. JD is a traveller with HIS own web site, too (which would be linked here but Laura lost the URL).

Tigger found this interesting ladder at Animal Kingdom Lodge - but who needs a ladder when you can bounce?

Tigger was very excited by the "Walt's 100th Birthday Cake" dessert at Le Cellier!

Lee is either telling Tigger a story or chastising him - take your pick. :-)

At Animal Kingdom, Tigger found his very own Christmas tree with all kinds of Tigger'ish decorations.

Tigger (and Laura) hung out with several of the holiday storytellers at Epcot.

Julenissen, in Norway, had seen Tigger on the Internet - obviously he's a high-tech gnome, or maybe in Norway they have Internet Barns instead of Internet Cafes?

The Monkey King in China has a special magic stick - and it must have cast some sort of anonymity spell that made the Monkey King rather faceless.

St. Nicholas, in Germany - hmm...what's with these storytellers and big sticks, anyways?

In Italy, La Befana said "And who's this?" when confronted with Tigger - obviously there are no Tiggers in Italy!

The Taarji in Morocco has a hat just like Tigger's!

Santa Claus in Canada said he liked "children with experience"...

(A special thank you to all of the storytellers who were so gracious about posing with Laura and Tigger!)

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