Tigger's Florida Festivities

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It's Christmas at Walt Disney World! Tigger wore his Santa hat all week (and lots of people asked where he got the hat - he *borrowed* it from one of Santa's elves), and bounced around enjoying all of the holiday atmosphere.

Tigger thought it was very nice of Laura and Lee to get him this wonderful room at Old Key West with a huge bed all to himself.

When you've got a big bed, you've got to dream big, too... :-)

...But sometimes dreams turn into nightmares...uh oh.

Tigger was completely unimpressed by the "new" pre-cooked cardboard-textured Beaver Tails. Beaver Tails are definitely NOT what Tiggers like best!

Wow...get a load of the foam on that latte!!!

Tigger becomes part of the artwork in Harambe - "Still Life with Tigger".

What do you think of Tigger's impression of Quasimodo?

A babbling brook along the Secret Path in Animal Kingdom - but shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Modeling his way-cool Osborne Lights Snowflake glasses - last year's angel glasses are so second millennium, you know.

Tig's been working on the railroad...but who the heck is Dinah???

A Tigger-sized tree at the Grand Floridian

Tigger, a gingerbread elf, and a chocolate dragon. Now which of these things is not like the others? :-)

Tigger hung out with lots of his friends...

Tigger says Hi to his friend Lindy at the big RADP Meet.

Mickey and Goofy didn't really say much - they seemed a little wooden.

Tigger helps Robo-Newz sell his papers.

Goofy and Tigger greeted visitors to the Magic Kingdom as they walked by.

Tigger had an interesting chat with Mr. Lizard...

...and then had some surprising things to tell the gorilla!

Tigger and Theodore P. Trader, host of the Dizpins web site. Theodore reminds Tigger of someone, put he can't quite put his finger...er...paw on it. :-)

Tigger joins Lee outside the Wilderness Lodge Villas in a rocking chair that is just his size!

Tigger really wishes the Disney signmakers would learn to spell...it's t-i-DOUBLE-guh-er.

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