Lee Rocks Around the World

Lee's not as young as he used to be (he did turn 40 this past year), so was on the lookout for places to rest and relax on this trip. It turns out that there are lots of rocking chairs around Disney World (no doubt intended for the older folks like Lee), and he tried some of them. We didn't make an exhaustive rocker search (because that would have been, well, *exhausting* :-) ), but here's some examples of them.

If you have your own favorite rocker that we missed, drop us a line at lgil@cts.com, and we'll try to have Lee check it out on our next trip in March!

Lee rocks out on the porch of the Beach Club, looking out towards Crescent Lake.

In a rocker outside the Magic Kingdom's Exposition Center, Lee tries to get his point across to Goofy.

In a wicker rocker just outside the BoardWalk Inn's lobby, coffee in hand, Lee contemplates life, the universe, and everything. (Didn't anyone tell him the answer was 42???)

The Iron Spike room at the new Wilderness Lodge Villas offered this very masculine leather rocker, complete with brass studs. (The ambience was rather spoiled by the room's only OTHER occupant, though, who was sitting in the chair across from Lee and SNORING. :-) )

Outside the Villas was a whole family of rustic "branch" rockers - so Tigger joined Lee.

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