Holidaze Around the World with Tigger and Stitch

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger and Stitch made the rounds of the parks and resorts at WDW, becoming a part of the holiday decorations wherever they could. After all, what says the holidays better than "Tigger and Stitch were here?"

Tigger makes the acquaintance of the towel dog that was in his room. He was quiet and never needed to go outside!

This Osborne Lights elf has a hat like Tigger's!

Herbie the Love Bug was enjoying the Osborne Lights, too.

Watch out, Tigger - that black bird will steal the hat right off your head!

That's a big hibiscus flower!

At the Magic Kingdom Tigger was rocking out...

...and trying out Santa's chair!

This ornament on the tree at the Polynesian kinda makes him look like one of the Beatles, don't you think?

He could be a drummer!

Hopefully this tiki is just saying hello, and not hungry for a Tigger tidbit!

Tigger wants a festive Christmas vest and bow tie like this Victorian bear at the Grand Floridian.

You'd think Tigger was a bird, the way Laura keeps perching him in trees. (This is the tree outside the Boardwalk Villas.)

At least Santa is hanging out in this tree, too. Tigger tells him that he wants a vest and bow tie for Christmas.

Ah ha! The truth is revealed - Tigger has tinker toys in his spine - not springs at all!

Is it a white tiger with black stripes?

Or a black tiger with white stripes?

This nutcracker should be cracking coconuts!


Tigger and Stitch decided to become Epcot Holiday Storytellers one day.

In Mexico they tell the story of Las Posadas, the nightly procession of song and dance and throwing small children in the air. (They made that last part up, though Stitch thinks it sounds like fun.)

In Norway they attempt to impersonate Julenissen, but he eats porridge. And Tiggers don't like porridge. And neither do Stitches.

Tigger and Stitch know that many holiday customs came from Germany, like setting Christmas trees on fire with candles and eating too many sweets which brings on nightmares of giant nutcrackers coming to life.

Kwanzaa is Tigger and Stitch's kind of holiday since it involves burning things and lots of eating for an entire week! (And no porridge!)

Shh...don't tell the fat guy that Tigger and Stitch sat in his chair!

Tigger and Stitch practice their fake French accent for their gig as Pere Noel. Tigger wants to know why it's no "L" and not no "Z" or no "Q" or some other letter.

One of the UK's Christmas traditions is singing "Here we Come a Wassailing", so Tigger and Stitch demonstrate wassailing. Or maybe they're trying out for the UK's double luge team. It's hard to tell.

It's a rustic Christmas in Canada - which is where all of Santa's finest reindeer come from, you know. Though Stitch really wants to be a Naliuk - they get to scare bad children.

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