Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Epcot holds the "International Flower and Garden Festival" each year in late April and early May. The exhibits are truly spectacular - colorful flower beds, floating islands of flowers, whimsical gardens, and imaginative topiaries.

The following includes some of the photos I have taken the past two years of the Flower and Garden Festival - I especially have concentrated on the topiaries, because I think they are so well done.

Hope you enjoy!

The 1999 theme was "Flower Power" - a throwback to the psychedelic 60's. The Epcot Entry Plaza was *very* colorful. :-)

One of the butterflies

On the east side of Future World are David Rogers' "Big Bugs" wood sculptures.
big ant
praying mantis
another flying bug

At the World Showcase Plaza is the "Fantasia Topiary Garden", including Sorcerer Mickey (as seen at the top of the page), and also:

Dancing Hippo and Alligator
Singing Elephant

Heading back to World Showcase, and around the World (clockwise)...

orchid garden
purple orchids close-up
red orchids close-up

Norway - Poinsettia Tree, pictured here.

mist-breathing dragon topiary (one of my favorites)

African Outpost - beautiful Lion King topiaries
Rafiki and Simba

Snow White
The 7 Dwarfs
The miniature train village was also all decorated for spring.

Italy - Hercules and Pinocchio topiaries - which spray water at unsuspecting passers-by. :-)
Hercules, Meg, and Phil
Pinocchio and Gepetto

America - featured this beautiful Mickey and Minnie topiary

Japan - bonsai trees, water garden, mural
flowering bonsai tree
another bonsai tree
yet another bonsai tree
iris mural (photograph © Debbie Wills, and used with permission)

Aladdin topiary

Beauty and the Beast topiary
Cogsworth topiary

United Kingdom
Rabbit topiary
Tigger topiary
Pooh topiary
Eeyore topiary
Mary Poppins topiary

Bambi and Thumper topiaries
Garden with wood animals and fountain (1998)
Fountain and flowers

Along the waterway that goes from Epcot back to the International gateway is this very colorful fleur-de-lis - the one pictured here was taken in 1999, this one was the 1998 version.

Back on the International Gateway walkway was this Donald Duck topiary.

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