Tigger's Hat Holiday

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Inspired by Julie and Tourist Mickey's incredible quest in search of hats (Tigger knows where to steal...uh, *borrow* a good idea when he sees one), Tigger bounced around Walt Disney World trying on hats of various sizes, shapes, colors, ethnicities and even species. :-) He was a bit disappointed in the hat selection (or lack thereof) in a few of the countries in Epcot's World Showcase, but he still managed to find a very interesting collection. (Tigger joins Tourist Mickey and Mr. Sockpuppet in expressing the need for more Tiny Hats!)

Tigger's hat search began at the beginning...the Magic Kingdom, where he found this nice cowboy hat...uh, Tigger...put the gun down, ok?

At the Studios Villains' Shop, Tigger tried on a pirate hat...Avast ye scurvy scum!

Animal Kingdom presented all sorts of interesting hat possibilities...like this very silly dinosaur hat. Tigger thinks it'll work as dinosaur repellant, though - it'll make a carnotaurus laugh himself silly so that he forgets to eat you.

This zebra hat confused Tigger a lot...He couldn't decide if it was a black hat with white stripes or a white hat with black stripes.

And no hat trip is complete without the classic safari hat with Mickey ears!

Tigger enjoyed Cirque du Soleil, but they sure wear some funny-looking hats...

Tigger tried on the very zoomy Test Track hat from Epcot.

Of course Epcot is *the* place to go to find hats from all over the World, and Tigger bounced all the way around the World Showcase lagoon on his "Hats Around the World" tour. But he was very disappointed that some countries didn't have any hats at all! So he improvised as best he could.

And just because Tiggers never do quite what is expected, he went around the World counterclockwise instead of clockwise. :-) He also learned how to say "hat" in a lot of different languages.

This coonskin cap from Canada is kind of nice, eh? :-) And what do you know...the word for "hat" in Canadian is, well, *hat*. :-)

From the United Kingdom, Tigger chose the classic roadster cap. But why do those people insist on driving on the wrong side of the road?

And here too, the word is "hat" - Tigger thinks this language thing is pretty easy. :-)

A very enchanting French girl named Virginie helped Tigger try on this beret and made sure that the angle was just right. Ooh-la-la!

Instead of "Cat in the Hat" we have "Tigger in le Chapeau".

This was a magic Moroccan fez...instead of a rabbit, you get a Tigger instead!

The Arabic word for hat is spelled with Arabic characters, but it's prounounced "baranit".

Tigger found all of these lucky cats in Japan...but he wasn't feeling very lucky because there were no "hattos" there.

Hmm...what do you think about an "Uncle Tigger" as a patriotic symbol?

We're back to the word "hat" again...we warned Tigger it would get a lot harder from here, though. :-)

In the Italy pavilion, Tigger goes right to the top and complains to Poseidon that "non ci sono niente i cappelli in Italia!" Translation: There are no hats in Italy! (TIGGER! Where did you learn to speak Italian???)

Tigger non ha trovato niente i cappelli in Italia, eccetto una cuffia sciocco di baseball...ma, se sarebbe una cuffia per la bicicletta, che sarebbe piu appropriata.

(Tigger found NO hats in Italy, except a really silly baseball cap...now if it had been a bicycle-type cap, that would have been more appropriate.)

Whatsa matta you? Don't you know that "cappello" is Italian for hat?

Germany was also a major "hut" disappointment...but at least Tigger found a cuckoo clock that had a bouncing fraulein on it.

At the African Outpost Tigger found a jungle "heti", but thought this "barakoa" (mask) was a lot more interesting.

Ah so...Tigger say that Tigger who wear a too large hat have swelled head.

The symbol for hat is . The Mandarin word is "guan".

At Norway, Tigger was transported back to the time of the Vikings...Get a load of those horns and those blonde braids! :-)

Nice "hatt", don't you think?

Mexico was the last of the countries, and maybe Tigger's favorite of all, because they had Tigger-sized hats. In his Mexican "sombrero", with his maracas, Tigger was ready to party! Donde esta la cerveza? :-)

Thanks to the following web pages for helping Tigger to learn about hats in other languages:

And a special thanks to Debbie Koma for the Arabic and Italian translations. :-)

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