Tigger's Floral Frolic

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger visited Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival, and frivolously flitted among the floral displays.

You might even say it's a banner event!

Ahhh...the lovely essence of flower fragrances in Guerlain's Fragrance Garden. But what kind of flower is a Champs Elysee?

The chickens have come home to roost...

Ride 'em Tigger!

Why is it called "Lions Mane", when it's orange like Tigger?

How can a canna be so brightly Tigger-colored?

Tigger participates in a ladybug release...

But some of them didn't want to leave him!

Tigger doesn't get the point of these bright orange flowers.

C'mon Tigger, do the locomotion...

Here's the tractor seat...but where's the tractor?

Woo hoo! It's a tractor just Tigger's size!

Does a Mickey scarecrow actually scare anything?

Tigger was a passenger on the Segway tour - one of the guides remembered him from the last time.

Tigger eyes Laura's dessert at the Brown Derby...but tofu cake with soy milk ganache didn't appeal to him.

This Mickey towel creation was in our room when we arrived, and stayed all week long.

It's Big Tigger and Little Tigger!

Tigger found this "hidden Mickey" on the walkway between Harambe and Asia.

Stitch was here...

This trip was more fun than a barrel of Yetis!

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