Tigger's Disney World Day

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

It's a day in the life of Tigger - at Walt Disney World!

8:00 in the morning...and Tigger is still sleeping! But I guess even Tiggers relax *sometimes*...

9:00 just outside the entrance to Magic Kingdom - as the park is opening!

10:00...Tigger is ready with his Buzz Lightyear FastPass...but has to wait for Lee to get out of the restroom.

9:45 finds Tigger and Lee aboard a flying carpet, trying to avoid those spitting camels.

11:00, and Tigger is riding Pirates of the Caribbean...no, really! There's a pirate back there, honest!

11:10 - Tigger found these ultra cool sunglasses in the gift shop conveniently located at the exit to Pirates of the Caribbean - one-stop shopping for all your cutlass, eyepatch, and bandana needs. Check out the latest in their line of glistening hooks - what every fashionable one-armed pirate is wearing!

11:20...Ohhhhhh....choose me, choose me!!!

12:00 - Must be Epcot! Tigger and Lee admire the dancing fountain.

12:35 - Tigger likes the beautiful orange color of these marigolds at the Norway pavilion.

1:00...Laura and Tigger, having just watched American Vybe, pose with Mickey and Minnie outside the American Adventure.

1:30...Tigger decides he wants to play "Hide and Seek". So here's a little game for you: Which of these Tiggers is not like the others? :-)

2:00. At the miniature train set next to Germany, Tigger pushes the button that makes Gustav's handcar move.

3:00...Tigger watches the potter outside the American Adventure. Maybe Tigger made him nervous, because the pot suddenly turned into a sort of mis-shapen mass.

3:15 - Until Tigger got into the picture, there was a character rather *noticeably* missing from this display, don't you think???

4:00...Time for an afternoon break in a shady spot by the pool...just where *is* the waiter with that foofy tropical drink???

5:00 - Tigger's heading out of the Boardwalk to dinner at Jiko.

6:00 - The lentil bastilla appetizer at Jiko...lentils are what Tiggers like best! Well, maybe not...

6:40 - After a couple glasses of South African wine Tigger thinks this steamer lid makes a real statement. (What that statement might be, we're not sure...)

7:00...Tigger watches an eland out on the Arusha Savannah behind Animal Kingdom Lodge. Lucky for the eland that Tigger is too full from dinner to pounce!

8:00 - Tigger with Emma, the Animal Care Specialist who told him all sorts of fascinating things about the animals.

9:00...Time for Reflections of Earth back at Epcot! Fireworks are what Tiggers like best!

10:00 - Tigger puts up his feet back in the Boardwalk Villa and relaxes by watching E.R.

And of course there should be another picture or two, but the photographer was too tired to take them...she doesn't have quite as much energy as Tigger does.

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