Tigger's Animal Kingdom Adventure

(aka Tigger's Trip to Walt Disney World
But Mostly Animal Kingdom)

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger visited Walt Disney World...and though he went to all the parks, he seemed to get his picture taken mostly at Animal Kingdom...

Tigger relaxes on the bed at the Wilderness Lodge Villas studio. No, really - he's right there leaning against the pillows! :-)

Bouncing along on a cricket is a fine way to travel! Now, where are Mulan and Mushu?

Mr. Toad must've ended up at Animal Kingdom after his ride closed down.

This dolphin was happy to spring into action - you might even say it's his porpoise in life!

Tigger and Pegasus play a game of checkers on Tom Sawyer's Island - I think they were both cheating.

Uh oh...this could be an explosive situation!

Tigger helps Tom Sawyer whitewash Aunt Polly's fence.

A flying dog??? Hope he keeps his mouth closed when he flies!

Tigger admires the tiger mosaic outside Rafiki's Planet Watch.

Tig finds a soft, shaded place for a mid-day nap at Animal Kingdom.

Ahhh...cruising Florida in a convertible...this is the life!

Tigger and Gargoyle ponder Life, the Universe, and Everything. (The answer is 42.)

Tigger and Mickey at the Contemporary Resort.

Hey! No shoving! Guess this cat wants Tigger to get his *own* pedestal...

...And so he does. :-)

Tigger is carried off by a voracious dinosaur!

Will he survive? Stay tuned to this web page for the next exciting episode of Travels with Tigger!

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