Tigger's Exquisite Escapades

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

On this trip to WDW, Tigger managed to convince Laura and Lee to eat in some of the better restaurants, and so Tigger got to try some fine and fancy foods - way better than that malt extract he's been eating all these years. (But don't tell Kanga!)

Mmmm...a cinnamon pecan croissant from the Fountainview. Ok, so maybe this one isn't "fine dining", but where else can you watch a dancing fountain as you eat?

Tigger helps Lee play the drums.

Ensalada Mexicana from San Angel Inn - but there's a little too much green stuff in it for Tigger's taste.

Tigger drools over some maple-glazed salmon at Le Cellier.

And for dessert, Butterfinger Mousse in a chocolate Spaceship Earth.

After all that food, Tigger has nightmares about heffalumps and woozles!

Tigger peers across the World Showcase lagoon to see if there are any heffalumps and woozles lurking.

Tigger tries the Double Chocolate Torte at the Brown Derby. Hey, is that a Hidden Mickey on the plate? Oops, too late, it's hidden by the melting ice cream...

Woo hoo! Tigger has his very own street in the Studios now!

Tigger straps in for a ride on Test Track. Hmm...this seat belt seems a little tighter than it used to be! :-)

Tigger poses with a couple of dummies. :-)

At California Grill, Tigger tries eating sushi with chopsticks.

Wow...this chocolate souffle is almost as big as Tigger!

Time for a little Pepto-Bismol, hmmm??? :-)

Ok, who snitched? Tigger gets a lecture from Kanga on the importance of taking malt extract...

Woo hoo! Tigger sees that Disney has *finally* corrected the wording on this sign. :-)

Hmmm...Tigger seems to have come back from Disney World with *quite* a bit more than he left with... :-)

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