Tigger's Walt Disney World Walkabout

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger was back at Walt Disney World again! Bouncing around for a week with Laura and Lee and still finding plenty of new things to do and see.

Tigger enjoyed hanging around the Wilderness Lodge, and found lots of fun things to do there.

Tigger found this hand cart in the Wilderness Lodge lobby - it's kind of hard for him to move it himself, though!

Tigger and pawprints

Tigger thinks there are some pretty big animals hanging around the Wilderness Lodge!

Tigger and Towel

The maid at the Wilderness Lodge got creative, and gave Tigger a ride on an elephant. :-)

tigger and elevator

Tigger bravely rode the Tower of Terror - even though the normal elevator was "Out of Order"

Tigger and rocket

Tigger caught a ride on a passing rocket.

tigger and fish

It's a tiggerfish! :-)

Tigger and broom

One of Sorceror Mickey's brooms got a little out of control...poor Tigger.

tigger and fountain

Tigger found this cool talking fountain at Epcot.

Tigger and troll

Tigger met up with a couple of trolls in Norway...this one was definitely the friendlier of the two.

tigger and troll

This troll was hungry, but fortunately decided that Tiggers didn't taste very good.

Tigger on-stage

Tigger had a starring roll in a sketch by the Anacomical Players in the Wonders of Life Pavilion at Epcot - the "psychic" was trying to identify just what he was.

tigger and dale

Tigger poses at the Magic Kingdom with his buddy Dale...or is that Chip? :-)

tigger in stocks

It had to be Baby Pegasus' fault that Tigger and Laura and Pegasus got put in the stocks in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom.

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