tigger and observatory

Tigger's Walk on the Wild Side

Woo hoo hoo hoo!

Tigger had fun visiting all his pals at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Tigger poses with one of his fellow felines. Note the similarity in their expressions...pretty scary, huh?

In the Australian Rain Forest, Tigger met up with some old friends - Kanga and Roo!

Tigger and Lee
Tigger travelled in Lee's pouch - though as you can see he kept trying to jump out. Maybe he was trying to tell us something?

Tigger and gorilla print
Big gorilla foot. Small Tigger.
tigger and emu
Tigger catches a ride on a passing emu...

Tigger Kodak Moment
Tigger didn't really understand why this was a Kodak Moment, but posed anyway.
tigger and prey
Tigger practices pouncing on some sort of antelope thing - there were lots of those! And pouncing is what Tiggers do best!

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