Tigger's Histerical Virginia Tour

Part 2

Cannons, cannons everywhere...We could have done an entire web page just with Tigger and cannons! But that wouldn't have measured up to the high caliber standards Tigger's fans have come to expect.

Tigger checks out the Magical History Tour.

Tigger gets a closer look at a "Killer Tree" in Yorktown...You might not beleaf it, but its bark is worse than its bite.

Too bad Tigger! But the park service did try to warn you about those killer trees!

It's hard to be the scourge of the high seas on a ship called the "Betsy". Avast ye bouncy scum!

Sitting in the tent of a captain in the Colonial Army, Tigger aspires to be an officer and a Tiggerman.

Death by Chocolate...What a way to go! (The Trellis restaurant, Williamsburg.)

Conquistador Tigger! (Aboard the Susan Constant at the Jamestown Settlement)

Tigger's gotten himself into some hot water now!

"The autumn leaves drift down on Tigger..."

Tigger thinks this must be "Apple-lachia"

The Tigger Barrel Polka - "Roll out the barrel, we'll have a Tigger of fun..."

Sometimes Tigger has a lot of cheek!

"The Tigger Cannonball" - has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

So this is what's meant by a "privy council"?

Tigger found this plant in Thomas Jefferson's garden...the history books never tell you that Jefferson was engaged in the illegal catnip trade!

"Come on baby light my fire."

Tigger inspects the roof damage left behind by Hurricane Isabel.

"Like a Tigger on a plastic-tarped roof."

"The windmills of Tigger's mind..."

Tigger doesn't get the yoke. But don't egg him on.

Tigger always thought he belonged on a pedestal!

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